Red Carpet International Limited

Leading company that performs marketing and consulting activities in the sphere of promoting products and services in the B2B sector.

Company history

Red Carpet International Limited was established in early 2014, and it is one of the regular suppliers of services in the field of consulting and marketing. Our experience is the basis of our reputation, reliability and continuity. We have successfully engaged in promoting various goods and services in the B2B sector and satisfy the needs of corporate entrepreneurs, independent contractors, holding companies, trading companies, real estate companies, and specialists from various fields.


Our team is a team of experienced staff that is able to create a trust relationship with the client. Based on years of experience and knowledge of industries, we can provide a full range of services based on customer needs.


Trust is a central element of the Red Carpet International Limited. You can rely on us as an experienced service provider to promote your business. Policy of our Company is a systematic approach to the set target, formation and resourcing development and implementation of strategy and management solution tactics for the main sector of development and promotion. Organization of activities on priority vectors of development, taking into account the company's internal resources. An integrated approach with the use of institutional, economic and socio-psychological marketing tools.

Promotion of products in target markets, research and forecasting of the market of goods and services, determination of the target market, segments, analysis of the client base and competitors, development and formation of set of actions, trade marketing, effective marketing strategy plan, control over phased realization of the developed action plan. Red Carpet International Limited is well known in the sphere of provision the marketing and consulting services. Cooperating with us, you will get complete information on the market for goods and services in various fields of the B2B sector.

Marketing And Consulting

Strategy And Management

Development And Promotion

Formation And Resourcing Development